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About Ajivasan
Suresh Wakar's Ajivasan Sangeet Academy is affiliaged to Allahabad's Prayag Sangeet Samiti. Established way back in 1932 in Srinagar by his Guru Acharya Jialal Vasant, Ajivasan has groomed several budding musicians, the most recent famous faces being Rahul Vaidya and Ameya Date.

In 1986, a few years after the academy moved to Mumbai, Suresh Wadkar took charge, running classes from a 500 sq ft apartment in Bandra before he moved to his present location in Juhu. The students are a mix of toddlers, budding musicians, professional singers, housewives and people wanting to acquire a skill.

The academy offers a six-year degree course in music. In the last three years, the number of students has doubled. Today, the four-storeyed academy in Mumbai has over 400 pupils learning classical music, dance and instruments like the sitar, harmonium, tabla and dilruba.

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